Thursday, June 8, 2017

The Ghost House 2

The Ghost House 2 
By Casey 
One year later after Snake and his friends Marbles, and Bones, made their attempt to make people hate the celebrity that moved out from where they live, the were back at it again.  There second attempt would be just as difficult as there first attempt, if not, harder!  They were not in school, but they were close to school, and they weren't just going back to elementary school, they were moving to middle school, in one week! 
Snake, Marbles, and Bones were planning to meet up in one week but they couldn't because of school starting, and they completely forgot about school.  One week later, school started and they weren't in the same class, they didn't go to lunch at the same time either, so once again they would have to sneak out of class and talk out of class.  So, the next day, they all sent each other notes when to go outside and how long they had to talk before getting to class.  Then they all went to their classes, asked to go to the bathroom, and began their journey outside, but this time Bones was the one having the hard time.  He was having a hard time get out of school because that day they decided to sneak outside, when the principle and councilor came to every room and checked in with the teachers to see if the teachers were doing a  good job, and to see if the kids were doing a good job, and they started in Bones' hall! There was also something good that happened that day, since the principle and the councilor were checking EVERY kid, so the hall monitors had to go back to their classroom.  Bones was sneaking around the halls towards the back door, and he was being extra cautious just to make sure no teachers would see him.  He got to the back door, but there was someone strange out there doing something mysterious, and Bones didn't see Marbles, or Snake, but he snuck outside just to be sure.  He snuck outside and he didn't find anything, so he just snuck back inside making sure the mysterious man didn't detect him.  Bones went back to his classroom, right when he got back the bell rang, and it was lunch time.  Bones went to lunch and he saw Marbles and Snake together at lunch with the councilor.  He did a sign with his hands to signal to ask to go to the bathroom, Bones asked the lunch ladies if he could go to the bathroom and she agreed.  Bones walked over to the bathroom and he met Marbles and Snake there.  Bones told them about the strange man doing something mysterious.  Marbles and Snake thought Bones was joking at first but then Bones lead them over to the back door, making sure to not get caught, and Bones showed Marbles and Snake the mysterious man.  They didn't have much time to look at him, but they got a good look at it.  They were trying to figure out who I was, and it looked familiar.  It looked like a man who was very wealthy, almost rich, and he had a fur coat on, with a tuxedo under it, and some gold necklaces.  He moved around a little bit, and the kids thought he looked familiar, he looked like the celebrity!  The kids thought the celebrity had moved, apparently not.  The celebrity might have some sort of secret base and the kids didn’t know about it, or he might of just came to visit.  One problem was that they still didn't know what he was doing, but it looked like he was either dropping green objects, or throwing green objects in the air.  They couldn't tell because he moved his hand so fast, almost to where his hand was going so fast it disappeared.  The kids spent way too long watching the celebrity, but they got a good amount of time to look at the celebrity, and now they had a good lead on Snake's theory.  They still had to get back to their rooms though, and they had to do it fast.  Bones had to go slowly so nobody caught him, but he also had to go fast so teachers weren't suspicious of him.  Snake and Marbles had an easy time getting back and they came back with a little bit of extra time.  On the other hand Bones got there just in time, so Bones was OK, but just barely.  The next day, it was the weekend, so they all got a time to meet up.  They had about an hour to discuss with each other about both what the celebrity was doing and how they were going to make people hate the celebrity.  They eventually thought of maybe buying a video camera and a couple batteries, and to record their trip in the house, but it might be a little scary to do that but the guys were up for the job.  So, they gathered their money, they biked over to the technology shop, and they bought a video camera and some batteries.  They got home and tried to find out when they could go in the abandoned home.  They knew that their parents wouldn't let them go in there if they told them, so they planned to lie to their parents and say they were going to go to the local park.  They figured out that in a week they had spring break, so they decided during spring break they would do it.  One week later, the boys met up at the house and they started exploring.  The floorboards were squeaky and the lights were dim.  They looked around trying to find something interesting and they found stairs to an upstairs room that they haven't looked at yet.  They walked up the squeaky stairs, and looked around in the room.  They noticed one particular floorboard that was extra squeaky, so they took the floorboard out of the floor and looked under the floor and they found a glass container with floating ghosts in it.  They immediately ran out of the house and called the news department and the news truck drove right their location and the boys were announced on the news multiple times, and they were famous.  Then the celebrity went from being famous, to being infamous. 

 The End 

---------RAINBOW GirL PART 1-----------

        ---------RAINBOW GirL PART 1----------- 
One day Rainbow Girl was defeating Bob the Cloud.  He took all of her powers. 
She was so weak.  What was she going to do???????????????????????????????? 

 -----------5 weeks later-------------- 

Rainbow girl had to rest, she 
kept worrying about her powers. 
She thoughthat she would never 
have powers the rest of her life. 
The Dr. was trying to get her powers  
back from Cloud Bob but it was impossible to get them. 

------------Meanwhile at Bob's evil lair------------- 

He was using the powers like a crazy person.  Rainbowsglitter, flowers and water were  shooting everywhere. "These are worthless  powers,said Bob the Cloud.  "Well, I could put a little bit oevil in her powers...No, a lot of evil I'll be the greatest cloud in the world!" said Bob the Cloud. 

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +  

+++++++++++in at the hospital++++++ 

Rainbow girl could not wait any longer, she 
got up and went to his lair. 

       -------- Part 2 of Rainbow Girl--------- 

Last time on rainbow girl... 

Bob stole her powers, 
Bob is making the power evil, 
       Rainbow girl is going to find 
       her powers. 

-----------RAINBOW GIRPAR2---------------- 

Rainbow girl got to Bob's lair. 
She walked into the darkness. 
 As she walked closer, it got 
lighter and she could see 
more as she walked in.         
She saw something that 
looked like something 
that she had seen before. 
Rainbow girl heard 
A sound from upstairs. 
She had no clue what 
it was. Then it hit 
her it was Bob. She hid  
behind one of the pillars 
" What's that smell?  It smells like happiness," said Bob.  
He checked behind each pillar 
Except for one! 

"Few he did'nt see me 
 I better go before he finds 
me."said Rainbow girl 
Rainbow girl went upstairs. 
Once Rainbow girl got up 
She started to look for her 
powers  all she found was  
evil  looking stuff . " Well 
my powers could be in a secret  
place " said rainbow girl .  but  
All of Rainbow girl's powers 
were hidden in bob's lar. Rainbow took off trying to find her powers .                 
Where could my powers be? 
Well if I were bob where would 
I hid very powerful powers well 
R- a- I - n- c - l - o- u - d 
Raincloud yes he would 
Hide my amazing  powers 
In its enemies weakness" 
As rainbow girl went to 
the biggest cloud she 
Was able find meanwhile 
At cloud bobs lar... 
Bob was making up 
Some bad magic for  
Rainbow girls powers. 
              "am so evil by putting 
              Bad in her powers ".Said Bob 

To be continued …....