Thursday, May 18, 2017

If I had a puppy

 If I Had a Puppy 
By Maris 
You    may  know puppies are  really cute.  This is the story that   I think  would happen if I had a puppy.   
One day Ashley was at the pet store.  She saw a lot of cute puppies.  But then she saw a really,   really cute puppy.  Then  Ashley asked her Mom if she could get the puppy.  Ashley's Mom said no.   So  Ashley went home.  When  Ashley  and her mom got  home   Ashley went to  her room and cried.   Ashley's  mom  was in the  kitchen making  lunch.    Then Ashley's mom called her  downstairs.  Ashley   didn't  come.  Then Ashley's  mom came upstairs to check on  her.  When Ashley's mom got in her room   Ashley's mom asked if  she was okay        Ashley said nothing. Ashley's mom  asked if  she wanted  lunch. Ashley  said to bring  it  up  to  her.  So Ashley's mom said okay.  When Ashley's mom  came back up  with  her lunch     Ashley said thank  you.  Later that day  Ashley's mom  said   Ashley I'm sorry I didn't  let  you  get the puppy you wanted.  Ashley  said  that  it's  okay.    Ashley do you want to go get a pet.  Mom can it be the puppy I wanted?  Yes Ashley you can.   YAY!    Thank you mom.  You are welcome.  I love you mom.  Ashley  drags her mom out the door.  They  got the  puppy  and  Ashley  was  happy  and  her mom  was happy for he 

This is the puppy Ashley got